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Don’t make your customers chase you

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Friday August 28, 2009 )

Merchants can save themselves a lot of grief when it comes to issues with customers, just by exercising a little pro-activeness.

While dealing with frustrated, sometimes even aggressive customers is never much fun, in some scenarios it can be easily avoided by doing one thing – keeping the customer informed.

A great example occurred yesterday – my partner had arranged to have a fence constructed. She had organized her week around it, no easy task.

Come 9am yesterday, the contractors hadn’t arrived. 9.30, still weren’t there. She chased the company only to find the contractors were still at a job they were meant to finish the day before; but they would arrive in a couple of hours. A short time later, she was then informed they wouldn’t make it at all. She spat the dummy and rightly so. The company knew the afternoon beforehand that the contractors wouldn’t make it on time yet failed to let her know.

Had the company called the day before, even the next morning, the reaction wouldn’t have been so intense – it was the fact that my partner had to chase it up that really ticked her off.

While that’s an offline situation – and one all too common with tradespeople – similar things happen in the online world. Sometimes stock is delayed, shipping is delayed, a problem is taking longer to sort out than anticipated; there’s all sorts of scenarios. It doesn’t take all that much effort to keep the customer in the loop and in fact, seeing as it’s apparently such a rare thing these days to do so; you can turn a bad situation into a good one – because people do appreciate it.


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