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Ecommerce a top performer

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday January 4, 2010 )

If you’re involved with ecommerce, you are part of one of the best performing industries in the past decade. That knowledge and a few bucks will get you a cup of coffee ;).

IBISWorld identified the top 10 best industries based on accumulative revenue growth from 2000-2009.. and the winners are:

Voice Over Internet Protocol Providers (VoIP) – 179035.8%*
Search Engines – 1655.9%
eCommerce & Online Auctions – 468.9%
Online Dating & Matchmaking – 248.8%
Tank & Armored Vehicle Manufacturing – 244.7%
Petrochemical Manufacturing – 221.2%
Mining Support – 186.7%
Wireless Telecommunications Carriers – 183.4%
Biotechnology – 182.1%
Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters – 146.5%

VOIP only began to earn revenue in 2002, a late starter but what amazing growth! The tank and armored vehicle manufacturing being at no.5 should give us all pause for thought as to how violent the decade was.

Looking forward for the next decade, IBISWorld predicts there will be quite a shuffle:

Voice Over Internet Protocol Providers (VoIP) – 149.6%
Retirement & Pension Plans – 133.7%
Biotechnology – 127.6%
eCommerce & Online Auctions – 124.7%
Environmental Consulting – 120.3%
Video Games – 112.9%
Trusts & Estates – 105.7%
Search Engines – 100.9%
Recycling Facilities – 80.9%
Land Development – 72.7%

Nice to see a bit of a green streak in there. Search engines dropping so far may seem ominous, but bear in mind how much money is already tied up in the industry and that by Internet standards, it is rather a mature industry – 100% growth is nothing to sneeze at. I suspect Google has nothing to fear; as for its shareholders – bah, don’t get greedy. Anyone who considers buying overvalued stock should remember not to gamble what they can’t afford to lose. The share market is just like betting on the horses.


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