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Ecommerce conversion barrier survey

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Thursday November 5, 2009 )

I often write on various surveys about shopping cart abandonment, but it’s often overlooked that not every person browsing our sites and using our shopping carts is at the point of being ready to purchase.

iPerceptions’ “Retail/E-Commerce Industry Report Q2 2009” found that well over a third of visitors to the sites they surveyed are in the “learning” mode; i.e. researching the products of interest.

Here’s how the figures stack up:

Learn: 38.6%
Shop: 21.9%
Buy: 17.2%
Support: 13.9%
Other: 8.4%

That really cuts down on the slice of visitors who are actively shopping around and/or are ready to whip out their credit carts – well under half.

Of the people who were ready to buy but didn’t, iPerceptions’ survey found the following barriers.

Didn’t find what I wanted: 34%
Price-related: 13%
Navigation / Usability: 13%
Shipping policy: 9%
Lack of product variety: 8%
Just looking: 8% (?)
Too little product info: 8%
Product availability: 7%
Will purchase offline: 1%
Poor customer service: 1%

While shipping is well known to induce sticker shock, it was interesting to note that site navigation and usability scored so highly as a barrier to purchase, even more so than shipping.

iPerceptions’ Q2 2009 Retail/E-Commerce Industry Report comprises survey response data from over 360,000 website visitors to over 160 leading websites. The full report can be downloaded here (registration required – free).


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