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Content crucial on ecommerce sites

Posted by Michael Bloch in ecommerce (Monday June 14, 2010 )

Ecommerce sites can tend to be a little light on content past product descriptions that have often been duplicated elsewhere. Online shoppers and search engines want more content, and more of it original.

According to an article on Internet Retailer, turning an ecommerce site into a hub of information keeps shoppers coming back. The content can also be syndicated, driving new customers from other sites and if a link is included back to the ecommerce site, can also help with search engine rankings.

I’ve built sites from nothing that go on to attract thousands of visitors a day simply by offering content for reproduction as a key strategy for getting noticed – with the proviso of a back link of course.

Ecommerce site managers can make an excellent investment by hiring people to write articles related to the goods and services they sell – but they must be original; and this is something that needs to be watched.

Some budget content writing services have a bad tendency of lifting content straight from other sites, hoping it will fly under your radar; so run checks against various phrases in Google to ensure it’s not plagiarized material.

If you need further proof that search engines love content; here’s a quote from Matt Cutts, Senior Software Engineer for Google, as quoted from an article in the Irish Times:

“The more content you have, the more ways we can find you.”

Remember, the key is not any old content, but unique and relevant to your products and services and designed to attract and hold the attention of humans as much as search engines.

Beyond content itself, but related to it, there’s a few other things to bear in mind for good search engine rankings. Learn more in Google’s webmaster guidelines or pick up some of my own search engine optimization tips.


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