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Video marketing for the camera shy 

With broadband being so widely adopted and Flash coming of age; using video and animation presentations as a part of marketing is all the rage these days and has produced some very good results for those who get it right.

Increasing numbers of sites are deploying the use of human actors in video marketing and often the site owner is the "star" of the presentation. 

For the small online business owner, this can present a few challenges; one of them being that many of us aren't, well, actors :). 

For instance, my background is in training - I'm a qualified trainer and have spoken in front of groups of people quite often; sometimes thousands at a time. While I'm fine with that, the best way to turn me into a blathering mess is to stick a camera in my face and tell me to smile. It just doesn't work. At best I can force a grimace as it's a very unnatural scenario. I remember a photographer asking me to smile, I attempted to and he said ".. hmm, perhaps not". 

The last photo session I did, it took 49 shots to get something half decent. Stick a video camera in front of me and tell me to sell something and I'm pretty much the same. I just wouldn't be authentic; my marketing skills are the written word or face-to-face. If it were otherwise, I'd be doing late night infomercials :).

Judging by some of the homemade video marketing presentations I've seen on some other sites; I'm certainly not alone. 

Hiring actors for video marketing

For someone like me, the next step would be to hire an actor - and all of a sudden it becomes a very expensive and time consuming exercise. Which actor to hire? Where do you find actors capable of delivering a marketing message via video? It all starts to seem a little too hard.

Not any more.

Budget, professional video marketing productions

Live Face On Web produces high quality video presentations for the web using professional actors, at a fraction of the price of high end marketing companies and production studios. It's not unusual to pay a thousands for 15 second video; but My Live Person charges under three hundred dollars.

The company has a selection of over 150 actors to choose from - male and female, of all ages and backgrounds; including some who can deliver a video presentation in languages other than English.

It's a very personalized service - you provide the marketing message, you can also specify how you would like the actor to dress, the gestures to be used during the video and you can even have the actor hold or wear promotional items.

Live Face On Web offers various types of shots - chest up, waist up or full body shot, plus walk-in effects. 

You can use the video presentations in a number of ways

- Embedded in your site copy
- In pop up, pop under and exit pages
- Newsletters
- and here's an interesting concept; in autoresponders - a videosponder!

Overseeing your marketing video production

With Live Face On Web, it's not just a matter of sending them a script for the actor to read and then hoping for the best; you'll be involved every step of the way. 

Live Face On Web also offers a service where they will develop the whole presentation for you if you're not sure on the type of actor to choose, what they should say etc.

Once the video presentation is complete, implementation is simple - just a couple of snippets of code embedded into your pages. My Live Person will also do this for you if you wish at no extra cost.

It's been proven time and time again that making a human connection is a great way to increase conversions in an online environment. If video marketing is something you've been considering and you're a little camera shy like me; take a visit to Live Face On Web , browse through the actors and features - it may be just the service you need for your online business; and you won't have to shell out thousands of dollars.

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