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Securing digital goods and products

Selling digital goods such as software, videos, audio files or ebooks? Concerned about piracy? You should be, it's a huge industry that costs authors, programmers and publishers billions of dollars a year in ecommerce profits.

While most good shopping carts have effective and secure digital goods delivery mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access to products; once the product has been delivered, it can be difficult to stop the purchaser from distributing copies to their friends and colleagues. Then those recipients distribute to their friends and colleagues and so forth - it can amount to huge losses in revenue. 

Even more insidious is the problem of the original purchaser buying your product, then immediately asking for a refund (if you offer one) - so you don't even get the money from the initial sale; but the person keeps the product that can then be redistributed. While refunds are a great way to increase sales conversions, the do certainly leave you open to this sort of behavior from some unscrupulous folks.

Selling digital goods?

Protect your profits with Product Padlock. Works with ebooks, PDF's, videos, audio & software - all file types. Automated licensing system integrates with any shopping cart. Easy to use! Try the $1 trial today!

Unless you have good programming skills or big bucks to spend on having someone else develop tracking, security licensing or registration key mechanisms for your digital products; you're likely going to keep losing cash for all your efforts. You can implement passwords on ebooks etc. manually; but this can be really time consuming to set up and maintain. 

Even if you do have registration key systems; depending on the system you use, it becomes useless if a key is distributed. Wouldn't it be great if you could not only ensure that the registered owner was the only one accessing your software, ebook, video or other information products; but also be able to deactivate the license/key remotely?

Now you can.

Product Padlock - economical digital goods licensing

Released just this past week, Product Padlock is a really interesting service that makes high level digital product security within reach of just about every merchant. 

I gave the $1 seven day trial a spin and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use, and the types of products that could be secured. Within a couple of minutes, I had secured an mp3, a video, an ebook and a software application without any problems. I then activated those items, watched them being accessed in a test setting and deactivated the licenses remotely - they could then no longer be used!

One of the great things about the Product Padlock system is that it works in with the vast majority of current ecommerce setups, shopping carts and payment processing services; including PayPal and ClickBank.

Easy digital goods licensing, powerful monitoring

As mentioned, it's really easy and quick to use:

a) You add a product via the web interface, specifying some basic information about the product and where it can be downloaded from; takes just seconds to do. If you're offering subscription services, you can even set the duration of the license.

b) Using a special desktop software application provided by Product Padlock, you input your Product Padlock user ID, the product ID (generated when you complete step a), then browse to the file you wish to protect. Click "protect" and a copy of the file is made with the Product Padlock protection in place. That's the copy you then upload to your site or cart.

c) You then grab a special URL from the Product Padlock web interface - this will be where customers will be directed to get their license key after purchasing. License key generation is automated; so the customer doesn't have to wait. You also receive an email notification of the license having been generated and the customer gets a copy of the license/registration key number sent to them as well.

d) After they've grab the license key, the customer is then directed to the software/digital product download page to get the product. 

e) After the customer has downloaded the digital product, when they go to open/execute the file, they'll be prompted for the license key; just once. After that time they can open the product without the license key nag screen.

f) You can then monitor statistics to ensure that it's only being utilized by the registered owner and deactivate the license remotely if necessary. 

Selling digital goods?

Protect your profits with Product Padlock. Works with ebooks, PDF's, videos, audio & software - all file types. Automated licensing system integrates with any shopping cart. Easy to use! Try the $1 trial today!

For example, say "Fred" has purchased a copy of your "Flomble Gold Software".  By accessing your statistics page you can view where Fred has been opening the software from and how often. If you see Fred opening it simultaneously from 15 different locations or from locations in different countries; that's a sure signal that Fred has likely distributed the software to his friends and colleagues; or someone has gotten hold of it without him knowing. You can then suspend or deactivate Fred's license with a single click and take it from there.

The Product Padlock system is a very economical way for merchants to ensure they are making the most from their efforts - if you're selling any sort of digital product - books, pdf's, videos, mp3's; whatever, try out the $1 trial; I'll think you'll love what Product Padlock does and just how easy it is to use! 

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