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Peel away ads - download a page peel script 

Screen real estate is a valuable commodity - you can only fit so many ads on a page before it becomes a jumble. But what if you have a special offer you'd really like to highlight without interfering with existing page content? 

If popup hover ads aren't for you, consider trying a page peel approach. There's an example of this advertising technology on the top right hand corner of this page.

Pretty impressive huh? You may have seen these page peel ads on major sites and now you can have the same on your site - it's cheap and easy to do! I'm using the Peel Away Ads script by Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude in this example (by the way, Taming the Beast.net readers can get a substantial discount on this script). 

Download peel away ads script today!

Page peel script download !

The Peel Away Ads script; so easy to use, comes with full tutorials and a 2 month money back guarantee! Only $27 for TamingTheBeast.net readers for a limited time! Download your copy now!

In case you're in the very small minority of users who can't view it, here's how it works:

A small animated "peel" is displayed on the top right corner of a page.

Small peel example

Once the mouse is moved over the page peel, the large clickable ad is displayed:

Rollover peel ad example

Once the mouse is moved back onto the "real" page, the page peel rolls back up.

It's a very simple script to set up and allows for a great deal of customization. With a single line of JavaScript code and a few changes to the configuration file, you can have page peel advertising up and running within a few minutes.

The thing I love about this form of advertising is that it catches the eye without being annoying. The motion of the corner fold is quite enticing and it allows for a large creative to be used without taking up valuable page space or losing visitors off the page - if they are interested, they'll click the ad, if not, they'll just move their mouse back to the page and continue reading the content. 

The Peel Away Ads script is amazingly lightweight in terms of bandwidth, which allows for fast load times. The entire script for operation and creatives for the example on this page weighs in at under 30kb, which is far less than other rich media advertising of the same size. It's compatible with FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers that have the Flash plugin and therefore the vast majority of Internet users will be able to see the ads you create - around 98%. Browser popup blockers don't prevent the ad from displaying either.

You can use page peel ads for:

  • Boosting subscriptions

  • Relaying important site or company news

  • Highlighting a special offer

  • Entice advertisers to promote on your site

The peel away ads script also comes with options for rotating ads - you can set it to show a new offer on each page load.

Taming the Beast.net readers can download this script for $10 off the retail price - only $27, but it's a limited offer so download it soon! Should you need support, there's a couple of video tutorials that explain the setup process quite well, plus a support area where you can ask questions. Also included are a stack of templates, plus a blank image template to make it easier to create your own ads from scratch.

Your purchase of Peel Away Ads is backed by an 8 week money back guarantee, so why not give it a try? It may be just the thing you need to boost clickthroughs and revenue!

Michael Bloch
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