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More AdSense revenue boosting strategies


Note from Michael.. some of the features mentioned below are no longer offered by Google - however, my original guide to increasing revenue from AdSense which can be viewed here still has current tips.


We've been running AdSense ads for quite some time and it has provided us with a steady revenue stream; not to mention some very cool gifts from Google!

AdSense - "Advertise on this site"

If you're already running AdSense, here's a few extra strategies that may help you increase your revenue.

Have you noticed the "Advertise on this site" link under your ad units? Check the link in the Adsense block on the right hand side of this page and you'll see what I mean.

This is a feature of Google's site targeting that allows advertisers to bid for advertising specifically for your site.

The link will open up a page to guide prospective advertisers through the Adwords advertising process. The big benefit for Adsense publishers is that the more advertisers who wish to promote their products and services via your site, the higher the bid prices will be, in turn increasing your revenue.

Customizing your Google AdWords page

Most AdSense publishers I've come across haven't latched on to this tip as yet - you can actually customize the "advertise on this site" landing page - and it's really easy to do!

Items that can be customized are your site logo, color scheme and description.

Here's how to do it:

1. Log into your Adsense account
2. Click on the My Account tab
3. Scroll down to "Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up"
4. Click "edit"
5. Ensure you tick the "Include me in Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up" box
6. Customize!

It doesn't end there; here's some other strategies you can use to boost your Adsense related revenue.

Maximize AdSense revenue - highly recommended Free Adsense strategies book!
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AdSense filters

If you're concerned about particular advertisers promoting on your site, you can filter out specific domains from ad displays

Default ads

If Google has no suitable inventory to display on your site, public service ads such as promotions for charities etc. are displayed; but you can configure your account to display an ad of your own choosing or for the public service ads not to appear at all. 

AdSense for Search 

AdSense for search allows you to provide a site/web search for your visitors with customized results pages. Aside from displaying results from your site, AdWords advertising units will be displayed at the top of the search page. If a visitor should click on one of those ads, you will receive a share of the revenue.

AdSense for search can be easily configured from your Adsense account interface. Once you have customized your search results page, it's just a matter of copying and pasting a few lines of code into your pages to create the search box.

Adsense referrals

By referring others to AdSense, you can earn some serious cash. Currently, Google pays you US $100 for each Adsense publisher that your refer who reaches US$100 in Adsense revenue. Google offers a wide range of referral buttons such as the one below.

Google also pays you for each user you refer who downloads Firefox and installs it for the first time.

Good luck with your forays into AdSense and don't forget to check out my previous article on boosting AdSense revenue and you can check my blog for other AdSense  tips.

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