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200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website - book/ebook review

After all these years, it still gives me a big thrill to see references to Taming the Beast.net published in books and on other sites - it's not only good for traffic, but also for my ego ;). 

Recently, I received a book in the mail from Henriette Martel-Lawson, entitled 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website. Henriette had very kindly sent me a copy as TTB is mentioned in it. Usually when I receive a book, I naturally flick straight to the section where TTB is mentioned and briefly glance over the rest of the contents. Not so with 200 Marketing Ideas. 

In a nutshell, 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website (available also in ebook format) is an excellent, engaging read and I would highly recommend it to people new to the world of ecommerce and web marketing. Even seasoned site owners and marketers can pick up some very valuable ideas from Henriette's book.

200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website isn't complex or filled with hype and buzzwords as so many other publications on the subject of web marketing can tend to be. The book contains over 200 pages of intelligent ideas and strategies; in a logical sequence and in bite sized format. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Attract visitors and keep your site "sticky"

  • Portray confidence and competence to your visitors

  • Properly present your products for online sales

  • Up-sell and cross-sell to increase profitability

  • Gather information from your visitors for marketing purposes

  • Gain and utilize feedback effectively

  • Create a community of users

  • Provide excellent customer support

  • Protect your business

  • Create content that engages your potential clients

  • Turn visitors into buyers

One of the other problems I've struck with similar books is that they have a tendency to contain 10% good ideas and 90% filler text. Henriette doesn't waste the readers time - she launches straight into the how, why, when and where of each strategy, giving you exactly what you need to know. 

As you'll see by the table of contents from the book I've reproduced below; there's more to the effective marketing of a site than just a handful of strategies. There are so many ways that you can draw, hold and convert traffic and this book covers all the strategies that I can think of - and then some! In a corporate environment, this book would make an excellent reference for marketing meetings to inspire productive brainstorming sessions. 

Henriette, founder of Marketing Cues, is a very experienced web marketing consultant and professional speaker. In 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website; she hasn't just relied on her own knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Henriette spent a great deal of time in research by examining successful sites and looking for common elements that contributed to the sites' success. Henriette also includes a reference to the sites she reviewed so that you can see the strategy in action.  

As well as a truckload of great ideas, Henriette points you all the resources you'll need in order to implement the strategies. Also included is a comprehensive glossary of terms to help you through all the technobabble and buzz terms used in the world of promotion and marketing. 

Looking for something for the site owner who has everything? 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website  is wonderfully presented and would make an ideal gift. It's definitely taking pride of place on my bookshelf!

200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website is available directly from Henriette's site, Marketing Cues, and is available in paperback or ebook format.

200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website - Henriette Martel-Lawson

A practical guide containing marketing ideas gathered from successful websites reviewed especially for this book. Learn more.

Table of Contents 

PART 1 Product Information 
Visuals & Sound 

1. Product ‘in context’ 
2. Multiple angles
3. Tangible clues for quality 
4. Individual versus group shots
5. Thumbnails
6. Product composition 
7. Product colours 
8. Unique attributes 
9. ‘Feel’ 
10. Location shots 
11. Lifestyle photos 
12. Meaningful pictures
13. ‘Service’ shot
14. Sound 
15. Audio introduction 
Product Details 
16. Benefits & features 
17. Target market 
18. Substantiation 
19. Graphs & charts 
20. Exclusivity & customisation 
Information Structure 
21. Hierarchy of information
22. Product groupings 
23. Categories 
24. One-page information 
25. Product ranking 
26. Comparison shopping 
27. Backup information 
28. Mouseovers 
29. Problem & solution 
Supplementary Information 
30. Product use 
31. Product in action 
32. Product history 
33. Product applications 
34. Virtual tour 
35. Fun facts & curios 
PART 2 Editorial & Tools 
Editorial Information 

36. Blog 
37. Tutorials 
38. Articles 
39. White papers 
40. Webinars 
41. Step-by-step guides 
42. Glossary 
43. Library 
44. Interviews 
45. Reviews 
46. Elsewhere 
47. Useful links 
48. Directory 
Self-service Tools 
49. Buyer’s guides 
50. Product content tools 
51. Calculators 
52. Self-assessment tools 
53. Design tools 
54. Virtual models 
PART 3 Credentials 
55. Testimonials 
56. Experts & customers reviews 
57. Portfolio 
58. Case studies 
59. Client list 
60. Story selling 
61. Makeovers. 
62. Endorsement seal 
63. Expert endorsement 
64. Celebrity endorsement 
65. Product awards 
PART 4 Sales Strategies 
Selling Approaches 

66. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 
67. Pricing 
68. Packaging 
69. Bundling 
70. Solution & prevention 
71. Projects supply 
72. Ask the expert 
73. Fear 
74. Worthy cause 
75. Pre-selling 
76. Complementary products 
77. Target products
78. Accessories 
79. Affiliate program 
Sales Promotion 
80. Top sellers 
81. Web exclusives 
82. Coupons 
83. Hot prices 
84. Free offers 
85. Free samples 
86. Bonus packs 
87. Joint vouchers 
88. Volume discounts 
89. Cumulative discounts 
90. Purchase plans 
91. Rebates on next purchase 
92. Loyalty programs 
93. Last minute deals 
94. Clearance outlet 
95. Chance to win 
Gift Ideas 
96. Types of gift certificates 
97. Gift giving solution 
98. Gift advisor 
99. Gift wrapping 
100. Gift search options 
101. Gift plans 
102. Corporate gift certificates 
103. Gift registry 

PART 5 Database Builders 
104. Product registration 
105. Event registration 
106. Registration incentives 
107. E-newsletter 
108. Daily tips delivery 
109. Daily audio tips 
110. Memberships 
111. Tracking trade w/customers 
112. Email notifications 
113. Free e-course 
114. Series
115. Contests  

PART 6 Community 
116. Art gallery 
117. Community photo gallery 
118. Forums 
119. Community product reviews 
120. Community news & articles 
121. Favourite links 
122. Production involvement 
123. Free personal webpages 
124. Classified ads 
125. Networking 
126. Tributes 
127. Calendar 
128. Guest books 
129. Event sponsorship 
130. Community contest 
131. Charity contest 
PART 7 Freebies & Games 
Fun & Freebies
132. Cartoons 
133. Daily quotes, facts & tips 
134. Freebies 
135. Desktop calendars/ wallpapers 
136. Greeting e-cards & postcards 
137. Scavenger hunt 
138. Joint scavenger hunt 
139. Competitions 
140. Sliding puzzles 
141. Memory games 
142. Word search games 
143. Hangman 
144. Daily games 
145. Quizzes 
146. Crossword puzzles
PART 8 Customer Service 
Customer Support
147. Technical support 
148. FAQs 
149. User manuals 
150. Discontinued product alert 
151. Reminder messages 
152. Wish list 
Cross-channel Services 
153. Catalogue 
154. Offline & online traffic 
155. Offline classes 
156. Print documentation 
157. Security 
158. Privacy 
159. Internet security options 
160. Guarantees 
E-commerce Functions 
161. Niche inventory 
162. Catalogue quick shop 
163. Order form 
164. Currency converter 
165. Shipping & delivery 
166. Shipping options 
167. Tracking system 
PART 9 About Us 
Who You Are 

168. Your team 
169. Your organisation 
170. Business history 
171. Awards 
172. Partnerships & alliances
173. Featured employee 
Recruitment of Staff 
174. Job opportunities 
175. Employee benefits 
176. Premises virtual tour 
Public Relations (PR) 
177. Media corner 
Investor Relations (IR) 
178. Investors corner 
PART 10 Contact Us 
179. Contact details 
180. Contact forms 
181. Email address 
182. Real-time help 
183. Store locator (for offline stores) 
184. Map 

PART 11 Navigation Tools 
185. Internal links 
186. Menus 
187. Site index 
188. Site search engine 
189. Site map 
190. Breadcrumbs 
191. Virtual tour 
192. What’s New 
193. Logo as a navigation tool 

PART 12 Marketing Tools 

194. Feedback 
Surveys & polls 
195. Surveys 
196. Instant polls 
Site Promotion 
197. Tell a friend 
198. Bookmark this page 
199. Link to Us 
200. Make this home
Appendix A: Glossary 
Appendix B: URLs of Example

Learn more - 200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website

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