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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization books - The Essential Guide book review

Save money on search engine consultancy services - learn marketing and optimization techniques and do it for yourself with the help of online resources and books!

There's been a steadily growing interest among online business owners regarding the processes behind search engine optimization and marketing in recent times and a number of books have been published on the subject.

Also, many established 'brand name' companies, up until now, have been trading on public awareness cultivated through offline campaigns and banner advertising to drive visitors to their sites. These companies have suddenly realized that they are missing out on on a valuable source of traffic - the search engines.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) conferences are held around the world on a regular basis. The participants in those conferences have been reporting a marked increase in blue-chip representation. 

Learn more about this SEO guide

Search Engine Marketing:  The best practice guide book (ebook).
Instant download available.

Mike Grehan is a SE Marketing veteran. His guide book to Search Engine Marketing includes over 350 pages of how-to's, solid strategies & interviews. Learn more - The Essential Guide.

Competition for rankings will no doubt get more cut-throat in the months ahead.

For those just starting out in SEM, there's a great deal of information on the Internet that's freely available. Taming the Beast.net has it's own section full of optimization tips and tutorials

If you haven't started on your optimization strategy as yet, it'd definitely time to start planning.

While we have many articles available, it's still only a small glimpse into strategies for leveraging the most from search engine traffic and understanding how SE's work. 

Search Engine Marketing Books: The Essential Guide

I've always wanted to author a book on the subject, but after reading Search Engine Marketing:  The Essential Best Practice Guide by Mike Grehan; I'm not going to bother. At 350 pages, Mike explores the subject in such detail that it would take me years to compile a similar book. The Essential Guide is currently available in ebook format for immediate download.

I've read a number of books on the subject of SEM and SEO, some quite good; but it's all information that I've already been aware of - but just reading the first chapter of The Essential Guide gave me some new tips I could use and provided me with new information behind the workings of search engines.

Great care and research has gone into the production of The Essential Best Practice Guide. The books have been compiled in such a way that everyone from the sole trader online business, to multi-national firms, to mathematicians would find this a beneficial and engaging read. It not only contains useful strategies, but more importantly the book goes into great detail of what not to do in relation to optimization. Getting banned from a search engine for spamming, whether intentional or unintentional, can mean forever.

Some very big names have contributed to this book - industry commentators, plus representatives from each of the major search engines. Mike has also included excellent imagery, graphs and charts to help explain some of the more advanced concepts regarding search engine spidering and the best way to structure web sites.

No stone is left unturned in this manual. Mike includes information on getting the most from free submission, PFI (Pay For Inclusion) and PPC (Pay Per Click) engines. 

You can get an idea of the breadth of information offered in this 350 page ebook from this excerpt from the table of contents:

Book Preface:
Analysis, planning, implementation, control 
The monetization of search: 
Pay per click
Pay for consideration.
Pay for inclusion.

A brief history of search engines:
A short background to search on the web. 

How search engines work:
The characteristics of search.
The anatomy of a search engine
The crawler/spider module.
The repository/database module
The indexer/link analysis module.
The retrieval/ranking module.
The query interface.
The Term Vector Database and its effect on the SEO community

Focused crawlers
Metasearch engines.

How Directories work:
The major online directories
The Process
Pay For Inclusion Services:
Position Technologies (Inktomi)
Infospider (Alta Vista)
Lycos Insite (FAST)
IneedHits (Ask Jeeves/Teoma)

Submitting to the major players:
Alta Vista
Ask Jeeves
Overture and PPC's

Meta tags and important HTML tags:
Title tag
Meta tags
Alt tags
Comment tags

Keywords and writing for search engines:
Writing for man and machines
The characteristics of text

Link analysis:

Doorway pages
Keyword stuffing
Hidden text
Tiny text
Over submitting
Refresh tags
Bait and switch

Problem Pages:
Padlocked portals
Fear of frames
What about my image
That's refreshing!
A link to nowhere
Go on have a cookie
Java gibberish
Dynamic my ASP
Quick as a Flash
I dont want to be in your search engine 

Log analysis:
True lies!
Low budget - No budget!
How to do it for free

Sources, courses, tools and resources:
Marketing intelligence 
Other useful stuff 
Recommended reading 
Other recommended reading 

The interviews:
Andrei Broder, Alta Vista
Brent Winters, Web Position Gold
Brian Pinkerton, WebCrawler/Excite
Chris Kermoian, Alta Vista
Craig Silverstein, Google
Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch
David Notestine, Zeus Robot
Detlev Johnson, i-Search
Frazer Lee, Yahoo!
John Heard, Planet Ocean/Beyond Engineering
Martijn Koster, Excite/Keeper of robots.txt
Marylynne Wrye, Yahoo!
Ralph Tegtmeier, Fantomaster 
Roberto Grassi, GR Software

The Essential Guide: About The Author

Mike Grehan is the head of one of the UK's longest established Internet Marketing consultancy firms. He has provided consultancy services for national and international advertising agencies and marketing organizations since 1996.

Mike studied marketing at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle  where he is currently e-Marketing Consultant to the e-Business Center.

Special offer

Search Engine Marketing: The Essential Best Practice Guide is the second edition of the best practice guide for online marketing professionals. The third edition is due out in the next 2 months and people who purchase the second edition now will receive a free upgrade.

By the way - hiring a *good* search engine marketing consultant can be very expensive - up to $150 an hour. If you have the time, it definitely pays to learn solid optimization and marketing techniques and then do the work yourself!

To learn more about this excellent ebook, visit Mike's site.

Learn more about this SEO guide

Search Engine Marketing:  The best practice guide book (ebook).
Instant download available.

Mike Grehan is a SE Marketing veteran. His guide book to Search Engine Marketing includes over 350 pages of how-to's, solid strategies & interviews. Learn more - The Essential Guide.

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