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Beyond the popup - popover advertising and generator software

Windows XP Service Pack 2 and modern browsers disable popups by default, increasing the challenges to ecommerce merchants using this strategy as a marketing or subscription gathering method! 

Like them or loathe them, the humble popup has generated more of a stir (and more success) than any other web marketing strategy.

Popups in their tamest form can be very useful, alerting site visitors to new features and special offers without being overly annoying - when used correctly. 

Unfortunately, popup advertising has been greatly abused. All of us who have spent any length of time on the Internet have visited some sites only to be hit with so many popups that we feel physical assaulted.

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It's no wonder that popup blocking software has become so popular. It's currently estimated that over 40 million people are able to block popups due to third party anti popup  software and online services such as AOL and Earthlink providing these inbuilt features. That number is set to rise dramatically in the months ahead as people start updating their copies of Windows XP, which disables popups by default. When I conducted a search today, I located hundreds of different popup killer products - two years ago, there was only a handful at best.

The popup may be somewhat doomed as a advertising vehicle in the months and years ahead - which is a great shame as it has proven itself to be such an effective web marketing method.

So what are the alternatives?

Well, we could all just stick with banners and text links - but there are other alternatives - such as Advanced DHTML Popup, Instant Popover or the Popover Generator; desktop software applications that generates unblockable popups. I also have a  popup hover ad generator on this site you can try free of charge!

Popup vs. Popover - the difference

These days, the terms are interchangeable, but essentially the major difference between a popup window and a popover window used to be that a popover is *not* really a window, it just appears to be. It looks like a window in that it has a similar looking frame, toolbar and functionality, i.e. close, move, minimize - but it's really just a layer created with DHTML.

With the proper software, you can have excellent control over the way that you deliver the "windows".

About Advanced DHTML popup

This is my pick of the pack - in fact I use it myself. Advanced DHTML Popup has a feature list that's way too long to mention here. It creates very professional popover/popups with amazing effects that can't be blocked. The interface is very easy to use - you'll be creating elegant popups within minutes, but if you should need support, Joe is very responsive. You can trial  Advanced DHTML Popup free of charge. Highly recommended!

About Instant Popover

With Instant Popover, you can generate literally hundreds of combinations of unstoppable  professional popup ads  using a step by step wizard creates in just minutes! Some of the different types:

1. 'Sticky Note' Popovers
2. Float-In Instant Popovers
3. Classic Window Instant Popovers
4. XP-style Window Instant Popovers
5. Exit Instant Popovers
6. Sticky-Ad Instant Popovers
7. Alert Instant Popovers

Try Instant Popover

About the Popover Generator

The Popover Generator allows you to take back control of your advertising, picking up from where the popup left off!

  • Popup blocking software cannot block these windows as they aren't actually windows

  • The same interstitial advertising can be used.

  • PopOvers can be used for subscription boxes.

  • You can set time delays.

  • You can manually launch popovers.

  • You can display an entire external web page.

  • You can use PopOvers from a Button

  • You can create drop-in popovers

  • You can use "alert" boxes

The Popover Generator software is another quality  product from Armand Morin. We first reviewed one of Armand's products a couple of years ago - the eBook Generator. We are still using that same software today, which attests to the quality of his products.

After having seen the future of the Internet in terms of advertising and the proliferation of popup killers, if you currently use popups as a form of marketing, Advanced DHTML Popup, Instant Popover and Popover Generator are worth serious consideration.

New free tool!

If you'd like to trial the concept of popovers, try our popup hover ad generator - it's free!

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