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We all have our heroes or people we look up to in various areas of our life, even in the online business world. One of my mentors has been a man by the name of Dr. Ralph Wilson, one of the pioneers of web marketing. Many will claim that they are they are geniuses of Internet Marketing, but very few stack up to Dr. Wilson.

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Dr Wilson has been providing ecommerce and web marketing resources to small business owners since 1995, and unlike many of his imitators, what he preaches, he actually practices.  After many visits to his site, I can honestly say that the advice he provides is rock solid, ethical and enduring.

Over the last 7 years he has published hundreds of ecommerce oriented articles articles and designed over 100 business web sites.  His ecommerce and marketing newsletters go out to over 100 000 subscribers and he has given many hundreds of lectures around the world on these subjects.

A visit to Dr. Wilson's site will provide you with a plethora of free information on making the most from your web site and increasing online sales.  

Click here to visit Dr. Wilson's web site

As well as his extensive range of free marketing resources, he also provides a number of very popular premium publications and services including:

Web Commerce Today 

Subscription access to Dr. Wilson's Ecommerce research room. Over 5000 web marketing and ecommerce articles in a searchable online database. Includes information of shopping carts, security, affiliate programs and much more. The subscription also includes exclusive email newsletters and a couple of bonus books, on shopping carts and merchant accounts.

By the way, have you read our own free learning guide about choosing the right ecommerce solutions? If not, then please click here for our free shopping cart selection guide or here for our reviews on the best shopping carts.

Other very worthwhile publications from Dr. Wilson:

A Merchant's Guide to E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Simple explanations of credit card payment gateway services and the world of accepting payments online. 

(you can also read our free basic guide to merchant accounts here.)

12 Ways to Give your Webstore a Sales Boost

Proven techniques to increase sales from your web site. 

Report on Affiliate Management Software

An affiliate partner sales force is a very economical way of building online sales - but which software or services to use?  Dr Wilson reviews a number of strategies in this popular ebook.

Guide to E-Mail Newsletters

Email marketing is still a very powerful form of promotion and a targeted campaign in the form of a newsletter can bring excellent sales conversion.  Learn more from an email marketing expert.

Click here to visit Dr. Wilson's web site

But before you leave us to visit Dr. Wilson on the web, don't forget about the plethora of web marketing, ecommerce and web design resources available right here on Taming the Beast.net! So before you go:

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Enjoy Dr. Wilson's site!  For part 2 of our series spotlights on true web marketing experts, please click here

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