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Making money from your web site - pop up/pop under advertising. 

This article is a follow up to "Making money from your web site - best banner ad networks".

Many of the major online advertising networks now also offer pop ups and pop unders. These alternatives pay more than traditional 468x60 banner ads - usually between US$2 - $4 CPM, but weigh your decision in using pop up ads carefully. 

Pop ups are not the best way to make friends on the Internet. I know that I'm not the happiest camper when landing on a web site only to have my screen littered with a seemingly endless array of pop up windows!

Best Popunder Networks

TTB's top network for generating revenue

Valueclick Advertising network

Save yourself the time and frustration of trial and error. Read our review of the best popunder  network advertising around.

Popunder ads pay more!

While popunder ads would appear not to pay as much, they actually provide better dividends. Most Internet users have become quite accustomed to closing pop ups before they load. As the ad doesn't load, you won't be paid for the privilege of annoying your visitor. Pop under ads load in the background, so you'll receive higher payouts with minimum interference while giving the advertiser a decent "show".

Technology in advertising delivery

Some banner networks now have the delivery of pop under ads down to a fine art. They load quickly and your visitor is only presented with a popunder ad once per visit - some networks allow you to specify that the particular visitor only sees the pop unders once every few days! 

Read the fine print

Remember that you will probably not be be paid for every pop up/pop under ad displayed - read the fine print in the terms and conditions of the network you are applying to and you will more than likely find that no matter how many ads are presented to a particular visitor in a single day, you will only be credited with one "view".

A good Internet advertising agency will also target popunder ads to your audience and, as with desirable banner ad campaign features, will also allow you to choose which pop under advertising you wish to display.

Implementing pop under ads

Pop under code from the networks is easy to implement. The code supplied by the agency is usually pasted between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags in the HTML of the web pages where you want the ad to be triggered. Popunder ads can usually be run in tandem with a banner ad campaign, dependant upon the relevant agency guidelines. 

Be sure to review the "terms and conditions" of ad networks before you sign up. Your web site can unwittingly fall outside of guidelines and you may find your account terminated and all accumulated income forfeited. Remember that the better advertising networks will audit your web site on a regular basis.

And the winner is..

Administration of your advertising sales can be made a great deal easier if you can find an agency that covers both banner and pop under advertising mediums. We trialed a number of agencies with varying degrees of success some years ago and settled on Valueclick Advertising network - and have never changed since! Learn more about why we think the Valueclick Advertising network is the top banner agency

Another way to derive income from your web site is through affiliate programs and networks that offer text links. Descriptive text links are not only kinder on bandwidth and load times, but tend to draw higher click through rates. The other great aspect of text links is that when implemented correctly, they can also assist with search engine rankings! Learn more text link affiliate networks, and some of best agencies around.

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