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Customizing Web Content to location the easy way

No doubt one of the best ways to sell your message, products and services online is to customize the content on your web site in a way that will appeal to your visitors.

Potential customers who identify with your site's offerings are more likely to purchase as it sparks interest and creates trust.  The subject of web site customization can get terribly complex, but there are a couple of free online services available that only take a few minutes to implement and will greatly enhance the content you offer.

Scenario: Are you more likely to purchase a product or service online that originates from your home town or from a place halfway across the globe that you've never heard of?

While we can't have a physical head office in every town, state and country in the world, we can present content in such a way that makes people feel more at home.

Content Customization Script Example:

"We would like to offer a warm welcome to visitors from  is one of our favorite countries!"

If you have JavaScript enabled, the above statement should identify your location, or a location close to you. In my case, when I view the example it shows "Adelaide", "South Australia", and "Australia" - spot on target!

OK, the example shown is definitely corny, but using a little of your web marketing imagination, I'm sure you can develop a powerful, customized marketing statement. Through the implementation of a couple of lines of free JavaScript, taking only a minute to copy and paste, run of the mill web content or promotional material can make a web site visitor sit up and take notice of your offer as they immediately identify with the statement.

Where to get the location script:

A company by the name of Geobutton kindly allows webmasters to use this script for free. Rather than lifting the script from this page, I encourage you to take a trip out to their site as they have a wide range of free scripts and templates on offer. You can also register with the company for free to create your own templates, which may consist of just one line or a whole paragraph of location targeted marketing text.

What if my web site visitors don't have Javascript enabled?

The vast majority of browsers by default have javascript switched on, but if you are concerned that some of your visitors may have it turned off for security reasons, simply add a <noscript> tag with generic text. For example:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="300">
<p align="center">
<script language="Javascript" src="http://map.geoup.com/geoup?template=HelloToFolks"></script>
<noscript>Welcome to our web site</noscript>

In the above example, visitors with JavaScript enabled browsers will see the Geophrase template "Welcome to all the folks from TheirCity, TheirCountry". Those visitors with JavaScript disabled will only see "Welcome to our web site."

Advanced customizations

For those of you who would like to take content customization a step further, Geobutton offers a number of high quality, low cost premium services in one easy to use suite including:

  • Customize your server logs to display geographical locations

  • User friendly interface displaying daily statistics of locations

  • Customize all content depending on the origin of the visitor

  • PHP, ASP and Perl scripting integration options

  • Fraud detection for ecommerce applications

  • Banner delivery based on geographical location

  • Digital rights management

The premium Geobytes applications and free JavaScript offerings don't slow down page loading appreciably as the applications do not utilize any DNS reverse look-ups, or WHOIS look-ups to establish  location specifics. The company uses it's own databases to deliver the information quickly and reliably.

Refine your web marketing and improve online sales with this simple free content customization today!

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