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Benefit from a real Online Business Guru!

(Note: since this article was published in 2002, Corey Rudl has tragically passed away. His team continues on with running his company, using the ideals and strategies that Corey imparted to them) 

In this article, we'll take a look at the efforts of another online business guru whose success is nothing short of phenomenal. 

Just starting out? 
Need help? Special Offer! 

  • New to online business and need a step by step guide for making your venture profitable?

  • Is your established online presence perhaps not achieving its full potential?

Then you need this easy to follow course by the world's top Online Business Consultant, Corey Rudl - guaranteed to get you on the right track, even if you know next to nothing about the web!

Introducing Corey Rudl

For over 8 years, he has been a leader in ebusiness and Internet marketing, and has assisted many small business owners in turning their online ventures into huge successes. 

Whether you are heavily involved in online business, or just starting out; If haven't heard the name Corey Rudl or visited his site, then you have definitely been missing out on one of the great online marketing success stories.

From failure to phenomenon..

Corey began his career marketing online in 1994, after failing to generate serious income from his "bricks and mortar" business. His product, a book, was sound and helpful, but for some reason, it just wouldn't sell in the offline world. So he enlisted the help of a friend to assist him in building a simple web site - the rest is history. 

Corey Rudl's various interests now generate his company over six million dollars a year, with minimum overheads. He currently only maintains a staff of 8 people, which is quite incredible and illustrates just how automated an online business can be when it's approached in the correct manner.

But it wasn't smooth sailing, Corey spent many thousands of dollars in perfecting his online marketing strategies for various products during those initial years of the Internet being accepted as a commercial medium. 

Nowadays, Corey focuses on creating products and services that assist other Internet business owners in the development and marketing of their online destinations, based on his incredible range of online experience. If you are interested in learning more about the Corey Rudl story and his products and services, click here to visit his web site.

Being involved in web marketing myself, I'm always very wary of any other marketer who declares himself to be an expert. In the case of Corey Rudl, his level of expertise is not an issue. So many people have benefited from his free tips and tutorials as well as his premium products and services that there is no doubt as to not only his marketing skills, but also his ability to teach others. One of the most positive points of Corey Rudl's approach is his involvement and dedication to providing quality solutions.  All of his products and services are guaranteed - some of them have double money back guarantees, now that's conviction!

The following are some of the premium and free Internet marketing resources that you'll find on his web site:

Online business course - suitable for absolute beginners through to established businesses!

You'll learn all about Corey Rudl's tried and proven strategies, absolutely step-by-step in each of these areas. This course is even suitable for those people who haven't even got a web site yet, it's very beginner friendly! Any jargon is explained simply and thoroughly:

  • web site promotion and design 

  • increasing search engine visibility 

  • turning leads into lifetime customers with effective and ethical e-mail marketing 

  • how to rapidly build a responsive opt-in e-mail list fast 

  • exploiting AOL and other online services 

  • free and low-cost classified ads that actually produce sales 

  • affiliate/reseller/associate programs strategies

  • effective newsgroup promotions - how and when to promote 

  • maximizing your profits with autoresponders 

  • Implementing linking partnerships with high traffic web sites 

  • online sales strategies 

  • writing ad copy that grabs attention

  • tips and tricks with banner ads 

  • profiting with regular newsletters 

  • completely automating your online business 

  • other sources of free advertising and traffic 

Click here to learn more

Free Marketing Newsletter.  

Ezines and newsletters abound on the Internet, but Corey's is one definitely worthwhile subscribing to - valuable marketing advice delivered directly to your inbox for free! 

All about affiliate programs - free information:

  • How to create a successful affiliate program.

  • Affiliate management software. 

  • Recruiting affiliates and partners the easy way. 

  • How Corey Rudl generates over a million dollars a year through his affiliate programs 

 Automating your online business:

  • Increase your profits by automated email follow-ups

  • Personalizing emails effortlessly and automatically 

  • Easily start and manage your very own online newsletter to develop and maintain valuable relationships with your customers and subscribers automatically! 

  • Avoid "time burglars" and have more time growing your business instead of running it automatically! 

  • Run your business from anywhere in the world

Of course, don't forget that Taming the Beast.net has a plethora of free web marketing resources and ecommerce advice too! 

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