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Content is King - but where to find & promote quality free web site content?

There's no doubt about it - content is king when it comes to attracting, holding and ensuring that your web site visitors return. And not just any content, but articles and tools that are highly relevant to your industry and often refreshed.

In most cases, a web site that isn't updated regularly will gradually disappear into the frosty, desolate wastelands of CyberSiberia, but generating new content can be very challenging after a while. When we first start out with our web sites, we're positively brimming with ideas - but over time, this level of creative energy does have a tendency to lessen. Even the writing of simple articles can take a couple of hours to do.

If you are on the other end of the equation and have a stack of content available for reproduction, it can be equally time consuming to find *effective* ways to promote your content.

Why give away web site content?

When I started out with Taming the Beast.net as a commercial concern nearly two years ago after moving away from hobby status, people thought it strange that I allowed my articles to be reproduced on other web sites for free; but it was one of the best moves I made in attracting people to my own site. Webmasters would find my articles on other sites and very often would visit Taming the Beast.net to see what else was available.

It's a win/win situation - the webmasters who use my articles have more to offer to their visitors and I also gain traffic from those sites.

Where to find and promote free content

FreeSticky.com, owned and operated by Mark Wickman, has been servicing content providers and webmasters with an excellent free content directory since 1998.

I caught up with Mark a few days ago and asked him about the origins of FreeSticky:

"I started FreeSticky.com after carrying out a research project for a large company. That research required me to locate specific free content that was available on the Internet at the time.  As the project progressed, I was constantly amazed by not only the quantity, but the quality of the content and plugin tools that providers were literally giving away - or were charging very little for.

After the project ended, I was still very interested in this area, so FreeSticky.com was born and over the years hundreds of thousands of webmasters and providers have utilized the services offered on my site" 

Since 1998, FreeSticky has grown into one of the largest and most popular free content networking points on the Internet.  I first came into contact with Mark in 2000 when I wanted to start distributing my articles and needed places to advertise my offer. I was greatly impressed by Mark's screening of providers and the way the site was laid out.

By offering my content via FreeSticky.com,  it appreciably increased visitors to Taming the Beast.net

Free content for all kinds of web sites

FreeSticky.com provides details on over 700 sources of free and low cost content that webmasters can use to increase the functionality and appeal of their sites, therefore making them more "sticky" i.e., increasing page views and return visits - which equals increased opportunity for generating leads and sales.  

Mark regularly updates the site, so you are guaranteed of finding the freshest and best free and low cost content available.  Everything from tickers, to automatically updating articles, industry specific news feeds, cartoons, maps etc. is available from FreeSticky.com. Over 26 subject areas are listed, covering many different industries. 

Free advice for Content Providers

If you are a content provider, or looking at commencing distribution of your own content, FreeSticky.com also provides a number of excellent articles and tutorials to assist you in preparing your content for syndication.

Take a trip out to FreeSticky.com today, it's well worth a visit!

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