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Internet Country Codes Top Level Domains

A long time ago (1996) in a galaxy far far away, it wasn't difficult to be out on the web and know exactly what part of the world you were visiting. If you were on a .com site, you were in the States. And there weren't too many country code extensions to worry about.

Now, a .com site could be anywhere in the world. My site is registered as www.tamingthebeast.net. It may be stored on a Canadian server, but it is administered and maintained in Australia. 

The varied country codes, known as TLD's (Top Level Domains), also give web masters and designers a greater choice of name combinations to use for their sites, but it depends on which extension you want. Some country code administrators only allow local sites to utilize them. An example of a country code that has been released for general registration is .tv. It's the country code originally designed to be the official addressing for the tiny island nation of Tuvalu - population of around eleven thousand. The country code is probably one of its biggest exports!

The crumbling of international barriers is wonderful, we are now truly a global community, but our community is getting pretty confusing. Who is who and where the hell are they?

There's not much room for nationalistic pride any more..... perhaps that isn't such a bad thing? Seems that nationalism has caused our species more angst than any other subject. But, I digress.

When you do come across those "weird" extensions, have you ever wondered what they actually signify? The following is a list of all current country extensions....memorise them as I'll be sending out a quiz 15 minutes after you finish reading them... ;0)

US Based TLD's: 
.com - Commercial 
.edu - Educational 
.gov - US Government 
.int  - International Organisations 
.mil - US Dept of Defense 
.net - Networks 
.org - Organisations 
.pro - Professionals
.biz - Businesses
.info - Informational
.aero - Travel
.museum - You guessed it!
.coop - Co-operative
.name - Personal names


.ac  Ascension Island 
.ad  Andorra 
.ae  United Arab Emirates 
.af   Afghanistan 
.ag  Antigua and Barbuda 
.ai   Anguilla 
.al   Albania 
.am Armenia 
.an  Netherlands Antilles 
.ao  Angola 
.aq  Antarctica 
.ar  Argentina 
.as American Samoa 
.at  Austria 
.au Australia 
.aw Aruba 
.az Azerbaijan

.ba Bosnia and Herzegowina 
.bb Barbados 
.bd Bangladesh 
.be Belgium 
.bf  Burkina Faso 
.bg Bulgaria 
.bh Bahrain 
.bi  Burundi 
.bj  Benin 
.bm Bermuda 
.bn Brunei Darussalam 
.bo Bolivia 
.br  Brazil 
.bs Bahamas 
.bt  Bhutan 
.bv  Bouvet Island 
.bw Botswana 
.by Belarus 
.bz Belize
.ca Canada 
.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands 
.cd Zaire 
.cf  Central African Republic 
.cg Congo 
.ch Switzerland 
.ci Côte d'Ivoire 
.ck Cook Islands 
.cl Chile 
.cm Cameroon 
.cn China 
.co Colombia
.co.uk United Kingdom 
.cr Costa Rica 
.cs Czechoslovakia (former) 
.cu Cuba 
.cv Cape Verde 
.cx Christmas Island 
.cy Cyprus 
.cz Czech Republic

.de Germany 
.dj  Djibouti 
.dk Denmark 
.dm Dominica 
.do Dominican Republic 
.dz Algeria

.ec Ecuador 
.ee Estonia 
.eg Egypt 
.eh Western Sahara 
.er  Eritrea 
.es Spain 
.et  Ethiopia
.fi  Finland 
.fj  Fiji 
.fk Falkland Islands 
.fm Micronesia 
.fo Faroe Islands 
.fr France 
.fx France, Metropolitan 
.ga Gabon 
.gb United KingdomK 
.gd Grenada 
.ge Georgia 
.gf  French Guiana 
.gg Guernsey 
.gh Ghana 
.gi  Gibraltar 
.gl Greenland 
.gm Gambia 
.gn Guinea 
.gp Guadelope 
.gq Equatorial Guinea 
.gr Greece 
.gs Sth Georgia Sandwich Is. 
.gt Guatemala 
.gu Guam 
.gw Guinea-Bissau 
.gy Guyana
.hk Hong Kong 
.hm Heard & McDonald Islands 
.hn Honduras 
.hr Croatia 
.ht Haiti 
.hu Hungary
.id  Indonesia 
.ie  Ireland 
.il   Israel 
.im Isle of Man 
.in  India 
.io  British Indian Ocean Terr.
.iq  Iraq 
.ir   Iran 
.is  Iceland 
.it   Italy

.je  Jersey 
.jm Jamaica 
.jo  Jordan 
.jp  Japan 
.ke Kenya 
.kg Kyrgystan 
.kh Cambodia 
.ki  Kiribati 
.kn Saint Kitts and Nevis 
.kp Korea, DPR
.kr Korea, Republic of 
.kw Kuwait 
.ky Cayman Islands 
.kz Kazakhstan
.la  Lao PDR 
.lb  Lebanon 
.lc  Saint Lucia 
.li   Liechtenstein 
.lk  Sri Lanka 
.lr   Liberia 
.ls  Lesotho 
.lt   Lithuania 
.lu  Luxembourg 
.lv   Latvia 
.ly   Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
.ma Morocco 
.mc Monaco 
.md Moldova 
.mg Madagascar 
.mh Marshall Islands 
.mk Macedonia 
.ml  Mali 
.mm Myanmar 
.mn Mongolia 
.mo Macau 
.mp Northern Mariana Is. 
.mq Martinique 
.mr  Mauritania 
.ms Montserrat 
.mt  Malta 
.mu Mauritius 
.mv  Maldives 
.mw Malawi 
.mx Mexico 
.my Malaysia 
.mz Mozambique

.na  Namibia 
.nc  New Caledonia 
.ne  Niger 
.nf   Norfolk Island 
.ng  Nigeria 
.ni   Nicaragua 
.nl   The Netherlands 
.no  Norway 
.np  Nepal 
.nr   Nauru 
.nt   Neutral Zone 
.nu  Niue 
.nz  New Zealand
.om Oman
.pa  Panama 
.pe  Peru 
.pf   French Polynesia 
.pg  Papua New Guinea 
.ph  Philippines 
.pk  Pakistan 
.pl   Poland 
.pm St. Pierre and Miquelon 
.pn  Pitcairn 
.pr  Puerto Rico 
.ps  Palestine
.pt  Portugal 
.pw  Palau 
.py  Paraguay 
.qa Qatar
.re  Reunion 
.ro  Romania 
.rs  Serbia
.ru  Russia 
.rw Rwanda
.sa Saudi Arabia 
.sb Solomon Islands 
.sc Seychelles 
.sd Sudan 
.se Sweden 
.sg Singapore 
.sh St. Helena 
.si  Slovenia 
.sj  Svalbard and Jan Mayen Is. 
.sk Slovakia 
.sl  Sierra Leone 
.sm San Marino 
.sn Senegal 
.so Somalia 
.sr  Surinam 
.st  Sao Tome and Principe 
.su USSR (former) 
.sv  El Salvador 
.sy Syrian Arab Republic 
.sz Swaziland 
.tc The Turks & Caicos Islands 
.td Chad 
.tf  French Southern Territories 
.tg Togo 
.th Thailand 
.tj  Tajikistan 
.tk Tokelau 
.tm Turkmenistan 
.tn Tunisia 
.to Tonga 
.tp East Timor 
.tr  Turkey 
.tt  Trinidad and Tobago 
.tv  Tuvalu 
.tw Taiwan 
.tz  Tanzania
.ua Ukraine 
.ug Uganda 
.uk United Kingdom 
.um United States M.O Is. 
.us United States 
.uy Uruguay 
.uz Uzbekistan
.va Holy See (Vatican) 
.vc St Vincent & Grenadines 
.ve Venezuela 
.vg Virgin Islands British 
.vi  Virgin Islands U.S 
.vn Vietnam 
.vu Vanuatu
.wf Wallis and Futuna Islands 
.ws Samoa
.ye Yemen 
.yt  Mayotte 
.yu Serbia Montenegro

.za South Africa 
.zm Zambia 
.zr  Zaire 
.zw Zimbabwe

Now, did I miss anyone??

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