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Being successful in affiliate marketing isn't as easy as rolling out of bed, regardless of what any company says. It's not just a case of reading a few tips putting up some links and banners and waiting for the money to roll in. Whether an affiliate or merchant, it takes effort, passion and commitment to make the most from revenue share programs.. We know, we've been there.

Even if you do your marketing correctly, your site does generate a lot of traffic and you refer thousands of visitors to your merchants, there are many traps and pitfalls that can see you losing your commissions.

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I first started dabbling in affiliate marketing in 1996/7, but it wasn't until 2001 that I finally learned what it takes to actually see decent financial return for the effort expended. It wasn't so much about working harder, just working smarter. After having achieved decent success as an affiliate, I then went on to work as an Affiliate Manager - to approach affiliate marketing from the other end of the equation was a very interesting experience.

I hope you find these tips, articles, guides, tools and tutorials of benefit to you in your affiliate marketing efforts. This archives contains information for both affiliates and merchants. Good luck!

Michael Bloch
Taming the Beast.net

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Affiliate marketing is not fraud-free
Some merchants and advertisers make the switch from affiliate programs to PPC in order to avoid fraud. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not immune to fraud either.
Super affiliates - are they really making that much money?
Are super affiliates earnings claims making you green with envy? Be careful, those claims might not be what they seem and not all super affiliates boast about their success in affiliate marketing
Rainy day revenue
Success and failure can occur very quickly in the affiliate marketing game - here's some tips on how to survive the tough times.
Revenue - the best banner ad network programs
Not all banner networks are created equal, nor is contextual advertising suited to every site. Hints and tips for creating reliable income from your ad space, plus our pick of the best banner advertising networks around!
Successful affiliate marketing!
Few affiliates are successful in making serious money from affiliate programs.  Find out how you can make your web site generate income for you.
For merchants - Affiliate management
Commission tracking software reviews - networks, remotely hosted and locally hosted software and services.
What do affiliates want?
If you're thinking of incorporating an affiliate program as part of your online sales strategy, you'll need to know the features that quality affiliates/publishers are wanting. Happy affiliates = increased sales :).

Recruiting and managing affiliates
If you're just starting out with your own affiliate program, this article may provide you with some useful tips. Even if you already have your program up and running, did you know that some governments are cracking down on affiliate activities, making the parent company responsible for affiliates who run amuck? Learn more in this article.

Affiliate Marketing Survival Strategies 
You may be generating sales without ever being paid - these strategies will help you identify problems with some merchants' affiliate programs.
Web Marketing & Affiliate Programs - working with merchants
Further tips in making the most from marketing another companies products and services on the web.
Making more from AdSense - revenue  tips
As the Google AdSense has evolved, so too have the options for publishers to generate more revenue! A few simple tweaks here and there can really boost your earnings. Learn more in my second article in this series.
Boost signups and sales with hover ads
The popup of old is dead, but their successor, the hover ad, is a powerful marketing tool. Use our free popup hover ad generator and create your own ads.
Adsense - review, tips and strategies
Making the most from AdSense based on our own experiences. Includes tips and strategies to maximize revenue generation.
Stealware - software hijacking commissions
Yet another challenge that affiliates must face - parasitical software that preys on your commissions.
Email marketing - threats and strategies
Email promotions are a crucial part of affiliate marketing; but this practice is under threat due to the rapid increase of spam. Learn more about the future of email marketing and strategies to help your business to stay safe.
Email Etiquette tips
Whether you're using email for marketing or general communications, this handy guide will help!
Making money from your web site - Pop up/Pop under advertising affiliate programs
Comparing pop up and pop under affiliate programs and our recommendations for the best Internet ad agencies around.
Protecting your affiliate commissions
Linking strategies that will improve the revenue resulting from your web marketing associations. Includes free affiliate link cloaking scripts!
Do you run an affiliate program?
Software Review - Do you spend too much time in recruiting new high performing affiliates instead of assisting them with their marketing? This software may be the answer for you!
Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Program 101
Definition, pitfalls and advice on how to become an affiliate and generate income from your web site.

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