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As the WWW grows, like a city, so does the amount of garbage. The garbage and traffic slows the whole system down.

For example, how many times have you clicked on a link generated by a search engine only to recieve the much maligned:

Error: HTTP 404 - File not found

Your request has gone out, and returned. This takes time and bandwidth. This situation would be occurring millions of times a minute around the world.

ISP's and Domain Hosting services are offering larger quantities of their hard drive space to host sites on. Worldwide, there must be terabytes of orphan files sitting on them, creating administrative nightmares.

Last year, I began investigating the possibility of a community/commercial project loosely based on the highly successful "Clean Up Australia Day" campaign - only applying it to the Internet and on an ongoing basis. The project could easily be expanded to incorporate other streams along the same lines.

Many search engines and other indices have the standard "report a dead link" button on their sites. But how many of us actually use them?

And why don't we? Time and Incentive.

The "Clean Up the Net" idea would address both these issues. I envisioned this project to be an International programme, and I know how to make it self-supporting (even highly profitable). Every ISP in the world could play a part; be it large or small. Some of the other flow-on effects would be employment for people in the project and developing a stronger sense of community internationally. It could also be utilised as a "best practices" resource for budding web designers and Hosting services.

The winners would be everyone - from the group (and it would take many dedicated persons) who implements the idea, the ISP's and Hosting services, and of course, the users.... the internet community... you and I.

As I began investigating the possibilities and strategies for implementing this programme, I realised that it was a huge commitment...it needed to be carried out professionally. It needed more than one person.

At present, my commitments to other commercial/community projects prevents me from further developing this project. There is no way that I could afford this idea the time it deserves.

I have asked many of my associates whether there is anything in place at the moment that they have come across during their surfing, but there does not seem to be.

So I put the idea out to you.....

I will post more on this issue based on responses to this article. I have a number of strategies developed that I am happy to contribute. If someone is really serious about running with this idea, I have purchased two suitable domain names for the project. I would provide these free of charge to an interested party with the "right" intent.


I would really like to see this happen ..... a sleeker, faster Internet ....fewer 404 errors......Nirvana!

Michael Bloch
Taming the Beast
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