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Articles - Build it and they will come

Build it and they will come.......

......How I wish that were true.

Some of the best sites I have stumbled across on the web have been discovered more or less by chance. If you want to achieve financial success online, this is definitely not the primary way you want people to find you.

If you are intending to build a site with the purpose of disseminating information to as many people as possible, the quality of information and the "shell" that houses it is only the beginning.

- There are now more web pages out here than there are human beings on this planet

- Approximately 30 000 web sites are created each day

- Many search engines and indices are now favoring the "pay for ranking" options

- Search engines and indices are changing submission guidelines on a regular basis

- Surfers are becoming weary and wary of flashing banners

- Surfers are increasingly questioning the validity of information presented to them

We are in the age of information overkill.

Once your site is established there are 3 words that need to be at the forefront of your mind:

Stickiness - once you have a visitor, you want them to return. A simple line "Updated Daily" on your top page will go a long way to ensuring repeat traffic. It also gives a surfer an impression of a thriving metropolis, rather than a CyberSiberia. Only problem with the "Update Daily" line is; you then need to deliver..........

Credibility - an "about" and "privacy issues" page can do a great deal to ease a visitors mind as to the data that you gather and to transform you from a HTML spitting robot into a human being.

Promotion - on a budget. Many people hurriedly submit their pages to search engines and indices. I have made this mistake before and it has cost me dearly. Engaging someone else to do it can be costly and ineffective. It really pays to first research this area to reap the benefits. Your site should be "submission ready", as close to perfect as possible before you even consider submitting it. 

Search engine optimization involves many complex factors. Remember too that search engines and indices are only a couple of options in promoting your site. The best philosophy is "be prepared to give in order to gain " - however that "gain" may be defined in your own mind. This is the basis of viral marketing (an unpleasant term which I have covered in another article, it's actually a great concept). The giving and gaining may be the exchange of links with other webmasters, helping others in discussion forums etc. etc.

I have published a number of articles on the above points, and have more in development. There are many fine writers on the Internet with a good deal more experience than me who offer their information for free as well. It is really worthwhile seeking these people out....they are the true "netizens". 

Don't fear the "big guys" - your 4 page site can be hugely successful with the right approach! 

Your input into the Internet is valued..we need it..but please ensure we can find your rose among the thorns...

Once you start to achieve success, bear in mind that there is making a living and raking a living, there are many temptations to lure you into the shady world of "sharp" business practices. An honest slow buck is hard work, but is sure to keep more of them flowing without compromising your morals and ethics. Always be open & honest with your visitors.

The "modern" basis of the World Wide Web was the  exchange of quality information; but as the years go on that webmasters are becoming increasingly competitive. Competition is great as it keeps us on our toes, but many of our various site owner communities have turned into a battleground - and the average surfer is oblivious to the digital blood being shed. 

I am hoping that the next generation of site owners will turn the tide, but being a trainer in this area myself, I wonder how much time is devoted to teaching cyber ethics to the new wave of web entrepreneurs.

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