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Basic ecommerce web site design and development - Part 1
A new series - Introduction, content you should include on your site, navigation and image issues.
Basic ecommerce web site development and design - Part 2
Pre-sales web site services services suggestions that may assist you in boosting online sales.
Oil, telecommuting and ecommerce
Want to reduce the amount you spend on gas and help save the environment? Telecommute!
Make Money from your web site - the best banner ad network programs
Not all ad agencies are created equal. Hints and tips for creating reliable income from your ad space, plus our recommendations of the best banner advertising networks around!
Making money from your web site - Pop up/Pop under advertising affiliate programs
Comparing pop up and pop under affiliate programs and our recommendations for the best Internet ad agencies around.
Spam Complaints - be cautious!
If you are a webmaster who supplies free content to others, or if you have ever considered making or made a spam complaint, this article contains important information for you...
An Internet Christmas 2004 - Web marketing
I'm not the biggest fan of this time of the year, but I recognize the importance of the Xmas season in terms of business survival. Here's some handy marketing hints for the upcoming holiday season.
Safety in numbers...and letters... 
Some statistics on password recovery speed. Is your password long enough?
Site Upgrades
Some web design solutions that can save you time in the future
Women and Web Marketing - Internet 2003
Gender bias is still alive and well on the web; at the expense of a very important demographic slice.
Voice marketing on the web.
The human voice is a powerful motivator in the sales process, but voice recordings on web sites have had some hurdles to jump. Read a review of a service that closes the gap between text and voice.
Do you run an affiliate program?
Software Review - Do you spend too much time in recruiting new high performing affiliates instead of assisting them with their marketing? This software may be the answer for you!
Popover advertising - popup's successor?
40 million people now have the ability to block popup advertising. Learn more about the new wave in pop advertising - the Popover. 
Web Site Hosting Guide 1 
Asking the right questions & b2b host reviews strategies.  
Robots who read
Giving search engine spiders direction - a basic guide to the use of the robots meta tag
Debt collection on the web
A guide to chasing overdue payments and some tips for minimizing bad debt.
Flash in the Pan (revised)
Prettiness versus functionality, search engine compatibility and economy.
Where to find and distribute free web site content.
The importance of fresh content, where to get it for free and where to promote your own tools and articles available for reproduction as a part of an effective web marketing strategy.
HTTP Error Codes Reference
Deciphering the techno-babble! Descriptions of common http error codes
Cross browser compatibility
It looks great in Internet Explorer 6, but...... browser compatibility issues in web site design
Frames or no frames?
Benefits, disadvantages and resources relating to framed sites.
Introduction to ebooks
A look at the ebook phenomenon and the benefits of this form of information delivery via the Internet.
eBooks and viral marketing
How ebooks can create income for any online businesss through viral marketing, and suitable software for ebook creation
Credit Card & Identity Theft - Online Fraud
A credit card fraud experience. Dispelling the myths and advice.
e-Marketing Ethics & Spam Reporting
Ethical considerations in direct email promotions. How to lessen and report spam.
Buying web traffic
Some things to consider before paying to have visitors sent to your site
Web  Site and Email disclaimers
In this age of increasing litigation, site disclaimers have become a necessary evil.
Online & Offline marketing using PDF documents
Looking for a great way to market online and offline? Use PDF. Read our article on the benefits of using PDF as part of an overall Internet Marketing strategy.
FFA - The Facts
Have you seen the ads offering to submit your URL to 8,567,291.1 sites for FREE? Do they work? Search engines submissions are not all created equal. Read on..
Marketing - creating need/the inner circle strategy
How did the big guys get so big? Some strategies they use to turn successful online businesses into real money spinners.
Marketing: traits of successful small online business entrepreneurs 
What is it about certain people that allows them to achieve online success? Pick up some tips.
SoBig, SoBad, SoUgly
The impact of the SoBig virus - the fastest spreading virus in Internet history. From our August 24 Ezine.
Drop-Shipping and Ecommerce
Drop shipping is an excellent way to decrease costs and expedite rapid order fulfillment, but it does pose a number of challenges in the current ecommerce climate as I recently discovered (from our ezine).
Is pop up advertising on its way out?
Pop up ads - annoyance to many, revenue generators for some - but it seems that the surfer has spoken and some very big names are listening.
Your web site visitors - know them, love them
Boosting kudos and online sales through effective but simple feedback mechanisms - put your web site visitors to work!
Outsource projects and increase your income
You don't have to let contracts pass you by. Outsourcing web development contracts can open up new markets for small businesses engaged in web design!
Free web site hosting with no banner ads!
Advice and resources regarding hosting your site on free server space.
Smart Tags and Scumware
What's the story now? Haven't heard of scumware? Learn more about how you could be losing visitors to your web site to marketing companies with gutter ethics.
Web statistics and eCommerce research papers 
An article from our August ezine containing information on great free marketing research resources.
Quick-subscribe forms with simple JavaScript
Creating user/web master friendly subscription forms with address validation.
What happened to the World Wide Web?
"The Internet should be free of advertising!"................... pardon? Why? The great Internet advertising debate.
Communications & the Global Community
By 2003 the Asia Pacific market will bypass the U.S. in Internet usage and will greatly affect web development companies. Are you ready?
Credibility and Promotion - Web Awards
An overview of how web site awards can work for you and where to apply for them.
Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Program 101
Definition, pitfalls and advice on how to become an affiliate and generate income from your web site.
Dot Bomb - Trend or Lesson?
What lessons & opportunities can be gained from the spectular web site nose-dives of the Internet?
Internet Statistics
A selection of statistics that can assist in planning web development projects
Search Engine Fever
Promotion on a budget. Investigation & results of a marketing exercise
Script Kiddies 3 - Grill a Kiddie
Slowly, slowly catchee kiddee - how to report a hacker and other security breaches. Addressing the increasing Script Kiddie problem
Think outside the square you live in
Approaching web development from new angles
Script Kiddies II - An advice to parents
Follow up article to "Script Kiddies - Vermin of the Internet"
Script Kiddies - Vermin of the Internet
People with no lives, and how they can adversely affect yours.
Build it and they will come
Establishing your site is only the beginning - how will people find you?
You are being watched......
Excellence in online customer service or invasion of privacy - bleeding edge technology
Bio Benefits
Getting intimate with your visitors - a profile page can boost credibility and customer confidence
The psychology of color
Tips on the use of color in web site development
Doorway to heaven or hell?
Doorway pages....increase your traffic, or get you kicked out of listings?
Filebase Management
Starting your website bearing these guidelines in mind can save a good deal of heartache later
Internet/Ecommerce Statistics
Some interesting Internet facts and figures

200 marketing ideas book review
My review of a great book by Henriette Martel-Lawson - "200 Marketing Ideas For Your Website".

Research- Statistics
Researching a particular aspect of ecommerce or need to find some results on testing of various web marketing strategies? These resources may help.
PageRank™ and the Google Toolbar
A summary of PageRank™ and about the Google Toolbar - what it is and where you can download it. From our ezine.
Email marketing - the future
People and governments are sick to death of spam, but it remains an important part of any ecommerce strategy. Learn more about email marketing of the future - threats and strategies.
Search engine spiders, visitors and paragraph 1 (revised)
The importance of the first paragraph on your pages + information on search engine friendly images. Give spiders the food they want and you'll reap the rewards!
Stopping Email Harvesters
From our Ezine - marketing gone insane. Learn about email harvesting software and how to prevent your email address being lifted from your web pages.
Rich media and 3d modeling as marketing tools 
Broadband usage has matured to a point that 3d modeling and rich media are truly useful tools to use in marketing. Learn more about their applications. 
What keywords to use?
Not sure what keywords and phrases you should be targeting? Take a look at some free tools you can use - from our June ezine 
Using articles as a marketing tool
You just can't beat original content for boosting sales and rankings (from our ezine)
Paypal fraud - scammers getting trickier.
PayPal scams are nothing new, but this attempt at fraud was a little different. From our ezine.
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