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Usability issues on Taming the Beast.net

Taming the Beast.net has been constructed, wherever possible to be viewable to a very wide variety of platforms and browsers.  This is a huge challenge, but one we take seriously.  If you notice any disturbances, we'd love to hear from you.  You can drop us a line at michael@tamingthebeast.net 

Resolution Issues:

90% of Taming the Beast.net is viewable on resolutions of 640x480 and upwards - 99.5% on monitor resolutions of 800x600 and above.

Color Depth Issues:

100% of Taming the Beast.net is viewable on color depths of 256 colors and above

Cross Browser Compatibility:

Taming the Beast.net is known to be compatible with:

Netscape 4.x and above
Internet Explorer 4.x and above

JavaScript issues:

Taming the Beast.net does utilize JavaScript for the following items:

  • JavaScripts Code Library pages

  • Flash and DHTML online generators

  • Online Software lessons pages

  • Site survey links

  • Ringtone title listings

  • Tell-A-Friend scripts

  • Statistical purposes (collecting broad demographics - country of origin etc.)

  • Javascript is also used for the delivery of some advertising

  • We do not use Javascript to bookmark our site without your consent

JavaScript is a widely used coding technique on the Internet which enhances the functionality of web site. Unfortunately, some web site owners also use JavaScript for more unscrupulous purposes, such as altering your bookmarks. We can assure you that we only use Javascript for aesthetic, administrative and other legitimate functional purposes.

 If you are experiencing problems on a number of sites, it may be that JavaScripting has been disabled in your browser for security reasons.

Enabling and Disabling JavaScript:

Netscape 3.x and upwards

  • Select "Edit then Preferences..." from the menu bar of your browser

  • Select "Advanced" panel 

  • To enable Javascript: Tick "Enable JavaScript" check box.

  • To disable Javascript: Tick "Enable JavaScript" check box. 

  • Restart the browser. Note: Simply reloading the page, rather than restarting the browser, maybe sufficient under some browser versions. 

Explorer 4.x and upwards 

  • Select "View then Internet Options..." from the menu bar of your browser 

  • Change to the "Security" tab 

  • Select "Custom" and click on the "Settings..." button 

  • To enable: make sure "Enable" is selected under "Active scripting"

  • To disable: make sure "Disable" is selected under "Active scripting" 

  • Restart the browser 

Security and Privacy Issues

If security is a major concern to you, please remember to disable JavaScript after you leave our site. You can read our site privacy policy by clicking here and our site disclaimer/terms of usage by clicking here


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