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Online businesses/ecommerce web sites for sale

For Sale - Job Guide Online.com - National and International Jobs and Careers resource. Positions vacant, telecommuting, resume review and submission services. Work at home programs, college jobs and contracting agency opportunities. Established website traffic - Offers welcome

For Sale - Solid Bargain .com - A basic shopping  directory containing details of thousands of software and information products.

For Sale - Web Wide PC .com - A great name for a computer hardware or software store, currently listings hardware and software merchants.

For Sale - Asia Pacific Homes.com. Another web site started in 2000 that we just haven't had time to finish. A great opportunity for a real estate company or individual to take advantage of the growing property market in the Asia Pacific Region. 

For Sale - Web Wide Friends.com. Launched in August of 2003. Free online dating and friend finder services reviews - Find friends, romance and reunions.

Domain name listings


All names/sites includes transfer fees and one year's  registration. Full web sites will also include one years quality web hosting

Domain names sold include  services such as:

  • Domain Manager

  • FREE Url forwarding/Framing

  • FREE e-mail forwarding

  • FREE CNAME and MX management and more.

Full Web sites include one year of hosting with the following features

  • 100 megabytes of space

  • 2,000 megabytes bandwidth

  • support for unlimited domains

  • 20 separate mailboxes

  • FrontPage Support

  • e-commerce capabilities

  • DS-3 connections

  • freeBSD 4.2 servers

  • apache + mod_rewrite

  • control panel

  • web e-mail client

  • Frontpage extensions

  • PHP 4, Perl 5, C/C++

  • mySQL databases

  • cgi-bin directory

  • system CGI library

  • POP3 e-mail accounts

  • custom error pages

  • password protection

  • full .htaccess support

  • FTP access

  • telnet & ssh access

  • server-side includes

  • raw logs and stats

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